Emmy Award winning.

Scoular Image is a film production company that tells stories that matter. Visionary Director/Cinematographer John Scoular and Producer Madeline Smith Scoular have been creating award winning films for the last 10 years.

This year they won an Emmy Award for Paradise Reef a documentary film about one man’s vision to deploy 36 artificial reefs into the Gulf of Mexico and create sustainable fish habitat.

 Scoular Image invests heart and soul into telling the best stories they possibly can.

Scoular Image delivers Cinematic quality

Paradise Reef a film by John Scoular

Paradise Reef Documentary

A film by John Scoular

Marcus Jansen – Examine & Report Documentary

scoular image documentary

Unbridled Heart – Documentary

Feature Film

a film by John Scoular

Barb’s Story – Breast Cancer Warrior

In Development

Natalia Muniz Photograph by John Scoular

Natalia Muniz

Third Heaven

Scoular Image Films

Naples Florida

Naples Film Production – Scoular Image Films Produces Award winning  films. Filmmaker John Scoular and Producer/Photographer wife Madeline Scoular have produced award winning films such as the theatrically released Lunatics, Lovers and Poets starring Cotter Smith and Leif Gantvoort. The film won The Best Feature award at the Fort Myers Film Festival and Best Screenplay at Methodfest.  Scoular Image is currently working on The Artificial Reef Project with partners Lance H. Julian & Harry L. Julian at Pure Image Productions. The documentary scheduled to be released on PBS.  The go to place for Naples Film Production. Also in post production is the Artist Documentary “Marcus Jansen – Examine & Report”

After spending 15 years in the film industry in Hollywood Madeline and John chose a different route and relocated the company to Naples, Fl. With 4 children under 8 it has proved to be a smart move for Scoular Image with so many young images around the house.

John and Madeline Scoular are filmmakers who are big believers in story. The story must be top priority before you can think about theme and the look of any given film project. We spent 8 years developing the screenplay for Lunatics Lovers and Poets before we started filming a single frame. It paid off when John Scoular received the Best Screenplay Award from Methodfest.

In 2016 Scoular Image was busy with two documentaries for PBS. The Award winning Marcus Jansen: Examine & Report – and Paradise Reef. Both films air on PBS Summer 2016. We like being busy!